Child Law

Child Law

We provide advice regarding all aspects of Child Law. We have a wide depth of experience in this area, with Victoria Weir LL.B being an accredited member of the Law Society Children Order Panel of Northern Ireland.

Child Law issues arise most commonly after the breakdown of a relationship, were difficult decisions have to be taken over where a child will live, and what time they will spend with their other parent. There may be issues you simply can’t agree with the other parent, for example which school your child should attend, or should your child have certain medical treatment, or maybe you wish for your child to change their surname. We can provide you with advice and assistance in dealing with these types of sensitive issues.

If you have become involved with Social Services in relation to any concerns they have over your child we can also help and assist you. Social Services involvement with your family can be a one of the most stressful and worrying times for any parent. Please contact us to discuss the best way forward for yourself and your child. We can provide you with advice and representation, even if no legal proceedings have been issued.

In any Child Law matter we can also carry out an assessment and advise you on your entitlement to receive Legal Aid assistance.

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